Apprenticeship toolkit

Induction for employers

Induction for employers is every bit as important as induction for apprentices. It helps to establish the best possible working relationship and to ensure apprentices are well-supported.

Formalising the process allows you to clarify expectations on both sides and identify where any business processes or systems may require adaptation. Things you may want to cover, especially if you are working together for the first time are:

  • Checking the apprenticeship agreement meets all legal standards
  • Checking the job role against the standard or framework
  • Clarifying the recruitment process and ensuring equal opportunities obligations are met
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities with regard to the workplace element of the apprenticeship
  • Clarifying your expectations with regard to the use of technology on-programme
  • Clarifying what technologies are available to the apprentice in the workplace
  • Clarifying expectations with regard to reporting requirements and formats
  • Clarifying how employer-led elements of initial assessment and induction e.g. skills scans or health and safety training will be carried out and what support resources are available
  • Ensuring those providing support in the workplace understand the importance of feedback and that the content and format of feedback will meet your expectations