Apprenticeship toolkit

Digital skills development in vocational settings

Every workplace brings its own set of opportunities and challenges when it comes to using digital technologies.

Here are some examples of practice to inspire you:

Examples of digital skills development in vocational settings

Video learning for engineering apprentices

PETA Ltd created resources for use in engineering workshops to develop independent learning and reduce waiting time for support. From a starting point of low staff digital skills and a noisy, dirty workplace with a technology ban they implemented learning hotspots using augmented reality and quick response (QR) codes.

Use of Facebook for authentic and peer learning

Simon Reddy has used closed Facebook groups with plumbing apprentices at City of Plymouth College. Apprentices share their work-related experiences enjoy peer-to-peer learning.

Delivering specialist knowledge in the workplace

Use of digital technology enables Didac Ltd to deliver specialist underpinning knowledge to learners in the workplace. Learners use resources authored using software like Captivate and articulate. The company uses a bespoke learning platform and e-portfolio system to record and monitor learner progress, freeing up time for other support interventions. Some learners use head-mounted digital cameras to record evidence of achievement.

Webinar delivery of mandatory training for apprentices

Riverside Training introduced a series of webinars as part of their curriculum to deliver knowledge to apprentices studying customer service and management at different locations. They developed an informative, collaborative and supportive delivery model that was also cost-effective and did not take apprentices away from their place of work.

Recording auditable evidence of achievement

Prospect Training Services developed the iObserve app which allows teachers, tutors, interviewers, coaches, assessors and learners to record and review practical activities and link this evidence to mapped criteria. The app is making it easier for assessors and learners to provide auditable evidence of achievement, increasing accountability and saving time and money.

Other resources

Are you making the most of resources housed on content sharing sites like YouTube and SlideShare? Every trainer should have a YouTube channel and collections of curated resources that can support their apprentices. If you are brave you could make some of your own too.

Trainers and apprentices should also be encouraged to develop a personal learning network.