Apprenticeship toolkit

Developing a digital strategy

Digital technology is of strategic importance to providers. Many industries rely heavily on digital technologies and it is important to keep pace with industry-standard technologies and real world practices.

Getting your digital environment right can improve efficiency, enhance the learning experience of apprentices, open up new markets and increase resilience and the capacity to respond to change.

A strategy communicates your vision to staff and customers. It shows that digital is increasingly ‘the way we do things around here’. It helps you focus your effort on where you can deliver most value for customers and prevents you wasting money on technologies that are not used effectively or are not interoperable with other systems.

Three key points you need to consider:

1. Think about what you expect your digital strategy to achieve

  • Which aspects of going digital have the most relevance and impact for your business objectives? – be realistic but ambitious
  • Marginal improvements to productivity will only take you so far – be prepared to do things differently

2. Know your starting point

  • When implementing strategy the process is often as important as the final outcome
  • Engaging staff is the first step in instigating change

3. Prioritise your action plan

You won’t be able to do everything at once so we recommend developing a clear roadmap that is affordable and sustainable