Apprenticeship toolkit

Designing an online induction pack

Induction quips apprentices with the information they need to start out on their journey. There is a lot to take in and, frankly, it’s often boring!

By creating an online induction pack you can:

  • ensure all of the information is readily available in one place
  • use a variety of different media to make the content more interesting
  • add quizzes and other types of test to ensure the information has been understood
  • allow apprentices to revisit things they found difficult in their own time
  • track and record progress
  • offer opportunities for self-checking and formative assessment
  • use ‘branching features’ to guide users to supplementary information

Our guidance on designing blended learning can help you think through the best approach for each topic.

You don’t need to develop everything from scratch. There are lots of free resources available covering generic topics such as health and safety and safeguarding.

If you’re feeling really innovative you could do something like contextualise health and safety training by using quick response (QR) codes at specific locations in the workplace.

Examples of online induction resources

Signalling on building sites: This animation was developed to help students learn signals widely used on building sites.

Derwentside College has a wide range of online induction materials. Use this guest login to their Moodle site to view them.