Apprenticeship toolkit

Why use an electronic individual learning plan (e-ILP)?

When it comes to independent learning plans (ILPs), one size does not fit all. The time and cost savings of electronic systems can be significant.

A traditional paper-based ILP stored away in a file is not always the ‘living’ document it is meant to be.

An electronic version of a paper-based approach, such as an interactive PDF document, can offer improved opportunities for storage and retrieval for updating, but an e-portfolio system has the potential to capture an apprentice’s journey in far greater detail.

In a fully paperless system, evidence in different formats can be instantly uploaded, for example, from a smartphone, to provide a rich picture of an apprentice’s skills and achievements. Meetings can be logged and review forms completed, signed, stored and shared within the same digital environment.

ILP templates are usually included. The big difference is that the ‘live’ aspects of an apprentice’s journey are now documented in the system, making the ILP itself more of a summary of what the apprentice has agreed to, and is entitled to.

Examples of effective practice

West Berkshire Training Consortium uses the Ecordia e-portfolio system to support its apprentices. With many working remotely, the aim is to reduce the time staff spend on the road without compromising the quality of training and support.

Nova Training has developed an e-ILP within its own bespoke e-portfolio system. As soon as the apprentice, assessor and employer agree the programme of learning, the system starts to track progress, turning the ILP into a live record of the learner journey.