Apprenticeship toolkit

Making the most of your individual learning plan (ILP) data

A key aim at the planning stage is to gather information once, use it often and avoid the risks involved in paper information transfer processes. With your information flow improved, you can then focus on innovative ways of delivering high-quality learning and training.

If the ILP is linked to an electronic system such as a portal, learning management system or e-portfolio, information obtained at this early point can be retrieved and used to form the basis for an ongoing monitoring process that is instant, visual and highly effective.

Progress against the agreed learning plan can be displayed in a digital system in formats such as pie charts or dashboards which make achievements and early warning signs visible at a glance to the apprentice, the provider and the employer.

If the system used for delivery is also able to link with the provider’s management information system (MIS), then information flow with external funding agencies can be made easier too.

Examples of effective practice

The Real Apprenticeship Company developed an end-to-end web portal called ‘The Real Academy’ that collates every aspect of apprenticeship, employer and programme data for funding, inspection and programme requirements. Read more on ‘The paperless apprenticeship journey’.

This case study shows how Dumfries and Galloway College built their own e-portfolio tool using Wordpress to provide an interactive approach to ILPs for construction learners which improved retention and achievement.