Apprenticeship toolkit

Space to learn

Digital tools offer opportunities for any time anywhere learning yet on-programme learning is often still constrained by uncomfortable seating and rigid layouts.

If training takes place in a college or provider premises, the layout of teaching rooms is likely to have been designed for trainer-led delivery using traditional show-and-tell methods.

If you adopt flipped or blended learning on any scale, you will need to think about how your physical learning spaces might be adapted or redesigned to support learner-led activities.

Here are a few things you might want to think about:

  • A good WiFi connection is essential in provider premises
  • Ensure there are adequate power points whenever you refurbish a room
  • Lightweight, movable furniture allows flexibility to use limited space for a range of purposes
  • If you have a self-directed learning area, apprentices love comfy sofas, low tables or even beanbags

Learning spaces

Our guide to designing learning spaces was developed with colleges and universities in mind but it may give you some inspiration and ideas. The guide includes case studies and a photo library on new build and refurbished learning spaces.