Apprenticeship toolkit

Improving information, advice and guidance (IAG) by going digital

Apprenticeship providers have a requirement to provide coherent information, advice and guidance (IAG) to all of their customers. Using digital tools can make the job easier and improve the service you provide.

Here’s how digital tools help you apply the principles of Coherent IAG Service Delivery (adopted by the National IAG Board) including:

  • Accessibility and visibility: The use of technology can enable greater accessibility and visibility of IAG, for example, via a website or virtual learning environment (VLE) or learner management system (LMS)
  • Effective connections: Hyperlinks to IAG services on your website will help to facilitate effective communication between services
  • Availability, quality and delivery: Ensuring that hard copy material is available at all times can be challenging and changing that information is expensive and time consuming. Digital content can be quickly and efficiently updated and can be available 24/7

Providers also have a responsibility to collect and act upon customer feedback and ensure that service users are aware of feedback mechanisms. An on-line survey on your website is one way of inviting feedback.

Social media can also be an effective way to handle queries and feedback. If you offer this option it needs to be resourced so that responses are given promptly – nobody expects to wait three days for a reply to a tweet.