Apprenticeship toolkit

Supporting apprentice employability

Not all apprentices are guaranteed a job with their current employer at the end of their apprenticeship so training providers need a strong focus on developing the employability skills of their apprentices.

Five strategies for encouraging use of digital technology in programmes of study are:

  • Develop tech-enhanced authentic and simulated learning experiences (for example, using virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality technologies (AR)
  • Help students engage and communicate with employers (for example, social media)
  • Develop students’ lifelong learning skills (for example, peer feedback)
  • Develop students’ employability skills (for example, skills scans)
  • Develop students’ digital capability

Making the transition from study to employment: This video shows how the use of e-portfolios at Southampton Solent University has helped learners better demonstrate their skills to employers.

Employability skills passport: Hull College Group has created an employability skills passport for its learners. Find out more about the approach to employability adopted by Goole College in our case study.