Apprenticeship toolkit

A new role for e-portfolios?

Competence-based e-portfolios are very familiar to the skills sector but did you know that e-portfolios tools supporting reflection on learning, managed by learners themselves, have a proven track record supporting effective learning?

Assessment of an e-portfolio of evidence, if it occurs at all under the new employer-led standards in England, will no longer take place prior to end point assessment (EPA). However, some standards are giving weighting to evidence collected before EPA, others include assessment by discussion or interview on evidence gathered earlier, and all contain synoptic tests which assess holistically knowledge, competencies and behaviours learned throughout the apprentice’s training.

In all these scenarios, using e-portfolios to deepen understanding and encourage ownership of learning prior to EPA has to be on the cards.

You can use a variety of tools to achieve this as shown in the following examples of effective practice:

Examples of effective practice

At City of Glasgow College stonemasonry apprentices used Microsoft Word and Publisher files saved as Adobe PDF files and hosted on the cloud via Microsoft OneDrive to reflect on their work and present outcomes for employers. (Also look at Microsoft 365 for Education).

Swindon College uses Mahara to provide learners from level 1 to degree level with a flexible, online personal space for evidence gathering, reflection on personal learning and presentations of achievement for future employers.

Nova Training use a bespoke e-portfolio system to help learners progress and take ownership of their learning. Learners found it difficult to understand the standards they were working towards and to identify key things like percentage progression and planned end dates.

The e-portfolio system has provided apprentices with direct access to relevant information, enhanced communication between apprentices and assessors and has improved quality and monitoring processes.

Use of digital technology enables Didac Ltd to deliver specialist underpinning knowledge to learners in the workplace. The company uses a bespoke learning platform to deliver specially authored resources and e-portfolio system to record and monitor learner progress, freeing up time for other support interventions.