Apprenticeship toolkit

What do apprentices need to know about end point assessment (EPA)?

The Education and Training Foundation funded a project in which some apprentices took mock EPAs resulting in the following observations.

Observations from the project include:

  • Feedback from apprentices involved in the trial indicates that they need a clearer understanding of the end-to-end EPA process
  • Preparation for the EPA is important, and should be factored into the information and timing plans given to apprentices and other key stakeholders at the start of the apprenticeship.
  • Apprentices are not always sure how much of their on-programme training is preparation for EPA
  • Apprentices need to know what is expected of them during the EPA
  • Apprentices need to know what will happen following completion of the EPA, for example, marking, grading, external quality assurance (QA) and applying for certificates
  • Simple flow charts showing steps and timescales can be very helpful

Going digital can help providers better prepare apprentices for EPA

Online marketing and induction materials and online individual learning plans (ILPs) can be more easily adapted to include information about the EPA. Apprentices should be encouraged to reflect on how the evidence of learning in their e-portfolio relates to what will be required for EPA.

The view from an apprentice

‘I’m not sure if the process I went through is exactly the same as it will be finally, but the EPA is something that should be mentioned right at the start of the course so apprentices are aware what’s required for it. Employers should also be told what is required to make sure they give as much opportunity as possible to help the apprentice complete the necessary tasks. A course tutor should also spend some time with each person individually to draw their ideas together and make sure they fully understand what is required.’