Apprenticeship toolkit

Organisational readiness for end point assessment (EPA)

Preparing for EPA amounts to a major organisational change. In the preparation section of this toolkit we look at preparation for delivering the new standards but you will also need to be thinking about EPA from the outset.

Ways in which technology can help include:

  • Improved communications between all parties involved - providers, apprentices, employers and EPA centres. This can be as a result of increasing transparency with all parties looking at shared online information sources. It can also be through the ease with which virtual meetings can be held when face-to-face contact is not always possible
  • Enhancing learning and making it more engaging, time-efficient and cost-effective
  • Progress monitoring and offering apprentices the opportunity to undertake mock assessment activities
  • Offering cost-effective staff development to support staff to carry out changed roles, for example, for assessors

Many providers are understandably nervous about the scale of change and having to cope with process change at the same time as introducing new technology. Others are embracing the opportunity to state very clearly to staff that their business is ‘digital first’.